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We can not have another child, rode on assembly and lovemaking was only an occasional distraction of our relationship. We need to take a bath, we dirty up behind my ears, I said, go first to bring a towel, I went for a towel from the bathroom, she heard plenty of showers, I took it out of the closet and went into the bathroom, Petr showered, turned to me, and I saw his penis swelled to twenty centimeters. I bring you the towel, I said, while we looked at each other, wash your back, I said, taking off his shirt and pants and climbed into the shower for Peter, I lathered sponge his back, pulled into the ass, Petr blush, Anka said spinning around you a lot of girls, I said, you’ve got something with some? Peter was as red lobster … Well, not yet, confessed Anka you like? Anka like a lot of guys and older. That’s right, after me. This is true Mrs. Novotna. You know, I think I can help, I’m an older woman, I have experience, but it must remain secret just between us, you’re a good boy, he said, and I kissed him on the cheek.

His hand over his penis poured, hissing, you could see that he liked it, tentatively explored my body, his lips merged with mine, I felt his fingers found my cunt and finger enters where they came into the world my daughter. I accelerated breathing, we were both very excited. I grabbed his penis and she wanted him to introduce himself, was huge, bigger than my husband, Peter violently slammed, it stung like I lost pannenství, my womb has taken his manhood in its full length. Petr me against the wall, we sprinkled water from the shower, hard thrusts and soon fills me all his seed. You were great, I praised him and slapped on the ass. Mrs. Mia Khalifa Fetish, it was my first love, he said, do not worry, it gets better and better as you gain experience. His penis was still standing, that the husband would put one end and, I thought. I leaned against the wall, Peter found his way into my womb and after a while again, thrusting the full force of his Macek led me to orgasm, after a while again filled my fountain of his seed.

I spent the whole summer with him. Except on weekends, when her husband came to me Petr attended and loved, I taught him everything I like mature woman knew about love. Holidays jumped daughter returned to school, I started to have morning sickness, get menstruation. I visited a gynecologist. So lady, waiting for the baby. Shocked in me, I believed that other children may have not been clear to me, as it follows the adventures of Peter, now what? Fortunately, I was in love with her husband’s visits with him and he accepted the news of my pregnancy and child joyfully considered his. Daughter graduated and I gave birth to a healthy son, I gave him her husband’s consent named Peter, thought that his grandfather, but I have a secret …. Today he is thirty, is a successful worker in a computer company. And his dad? Peter graduated from high to medium, emigrated in the early eighties, the daughter said to Canada, then I heard about it, but when I look at his son, it’s all on …

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